Not a lot of people know this but there are actually lots of different bars that you could try out. If you go to the same bar each and every night then you’re not doing things right. Instead of being boring like this you should experiment and try out a different bar every now and then, one kind of bar that you could potentially explore is a piano bar. This is a bar that has some gorgeous piano music playing in the background at all times, and the fact of the matter is that when you go to a bar like this you would enjoy a very calming, peaceful environment full of music that has been curated to provide you with a top notch experience.

Don’t start thinking that piano bars are going to be stodgy old places where people just go to sit around and mope either! If you check out the best piano bars Chicago you would see that they play around with all kinds of genres such as ragtime, jazz, Motown and the like. These genres are amazing if you like dancing since this is what they are initially meant for.

Piano bars are a throwback to a much more innocent time where people didn’t have a lot to do at home so they went to these bars to be able to listen to some music. Live music is something that you can’t compare anything else to, and since the piano is such a gorgeous instrument you would most definitely enjoy your night if you have a drink in one hand and you are using the other had to tap out the piano’s rhythm on the bar!