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A Simple Man Living Story When He Got Robot As a Friend: Android Kattappa

Android kattappa is an awesome movie which tells us the relationship between human and technology. For a fact humanscan not survive without involving technology into their daily life. Phone for explam, there will be no minute that photo will be in your hand or pocket! It’s very simple that technology has become man’s ultimate lifestyle. This is a heart touching movie that makes you cry how is the relationship between the robot and human. This is a basic and tragic love story of the robot and baskar. You will enjoy the way the story was built and managed to get into people’s hearts. Watch Android Kattappa Movie Online.


The story begins with baskar who is an old man. He stays with his son Subramanyam. He is very old school. He doesn’t allow any of the electronic devices at home. Everything at home is literally old school, for example they don’t have fans, lights and all. Instead everything goes organic. Subramanyam gets frustrated with his attitude. He wants to get a job and move on in life but baskar will never let him do that because he is afraid that he might die alone. But finally my son takes the chance and gets the job in Russia. He meets a beautiful Malayalam- Japanese girl hitomi. They get closer in heart with her. She gives him a thought that you can give him a robot. She thinks that it will help with his daily life, initially he avoids being with the robot later he likes and spends good time with it. He treats the robot equal to the son. He names the robot Kattappa. He loves him so much that he takes him wherever he goes. Watch the movie to know the complete story.

Technical Aspects of the movie:

  • You will enjoy the movie for its comedy dialogues. They are so funny that you will memorise them and laugh at it. Enjoy those laugh little hearts.
  • This movie has got really good messages to the youth that we are so involved in technology that we don’t care about human emotions.
  • This movie is well known for its music, it has meaningful lyrics and heart touching tunes.
  • This movie has good locations. All the locations are beautiful to watch.


Reasons to watch Android Kattappa:

This movie has a beautiful message of people who have forgotten the meaning of actual emotion of human begging and are so engrossed into the technological world. You will be heart moved for a fact that it’s so emotional.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: SurajVenjaramoodu

Actress: KendyZirdo

Other actors: SoubinShahir

Director: RatheeshBalakrishnanPoduval

Banner: Moonshot Entertainments

Distributed by: Maxlab Cinemas and Entertainments

Producer: Santhosh T. Kuruvilla

Music: Bijibal

Cinematography: Sanu Varghese

Editing: SaijuSreedharan

Written By: RatheeshBalakrishnanPoduval

Other information:

Runtime: 137 mins.

Release date: 8 November 2019

Genre: Drama, Comedy

Box Office: ₹ 18 – 24 Crore

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Discovering business locksmith administrations for new organizations

Looking for another business spot will unmistakably comprise of considering the spot of the structure, alongside the space that it gives. Regularly, one component that is ignored is such an assurance that stays in area. Bad making sure about frameworks make it genuinely straightforward for intruders to go into a structure, and furthermore thus ought to be contemplated while getting a fresh out of the plastic new office or retail region. Assessing the current lock framework on a structure is hard to do effectively all alone. What looks adequate to the unpracticed eye may truly be a danger. Business locksmith administrations are in region to help new organization proprietor survey the presentation of the current framework, just as make proposals with respect to exactly how it very well may be improved. It could be doable to have the current land owner make a cost yielding to take care of the expense of redesigning a lock framework.Locksmith

If not, have confidence that this cost is low. Indeed, as opposed to what a crush in can set you spirit, it is just a modest quantity. It is likewise generously less expensive than mounting a spic and span wellbeing and security framework. Those that do decide to mount a wellbeing framework notwithstanding new bolts can have confidence that they have really done each seemingly insignificant detail in their capacity to shield the business. A spectacular locking framework will unquestionably fill in as an obstacle to even one of the most distinguished robbers and get the contact for locksmith near me. A hoodlum basically cannot take what they cannot get to. Also, one considers an exceptional lock framework will educate a robber that breaking into that region will take some time. Each criminal perceives that the more it takes to get to an area, the better the likelihood that they will be captured.

Each section of an organization area will need to be shielded. Modern locksmith proficient arrangements can situate the best lock on every one of these passages. The new bolts available are fairly not quite the same as the more seasoned adaptations. When looking for a League City Locksmith it is important to refresh the old locks to these fresher variants. More established bolts regularly will in general wear with time, and will unquestionably give just insignificant assurance against undesirable admittance to the area. The interest for modern locksmith arrangements when securing a spic and span administration area is stupendous. Whatever sort of association you have or get ready to begin, there will be things inside which should be defended. Never has there been a period in history when wellbeing was extra urgent. This reality must be thought about when looking for a fresh out of the plastic new association territory, or protecting your present one.

Would it be advisable for you to Invest in Bitcoin?

In the event that you are considering what Bitcoin is and on the off chance that you ought to put resources into it, at that point this article is for you. In 2010, the estimation of one Bitcoin was just 5 pennies. Quick forward in 2017 and its worth contacted $20,000. Once more, the value dropped to $8,000 inside the following 24 hours, in this manner making an immense misfortune the money holders.

In the event that you have been attempting to discover more about Bitcoin, this read can support you. As indicated by insights, around 24% of the Americans recognize what this thing is. Be that as it may, the cash actually has an estimation of over $152 billion. That is the one of the most widely recognized purposes for the ubiquity of this thing. How about we recognize what it is and whether you ought to put resources into it.bitcoin news

What Is Bitcoin?

In straightforward terms, Bitcoin is one of the advanced monetary standards. Computerized cash is known as cryptocurrency. The term was designed by an unknown individual in the monetary emergency in 2008.

A computerized money account is a like your financial records that you can see on the web. All in all, it is computerized cash that can be seen yet cannot be contacted. In the event of Bitcoin, you have no physical portrayal either. All the cash exists in the advanced structure as it were. Nobody is there to control this kind of cash. Similarly, the organization is not overseen by any substance and the tokens are exchanged between people through a mind boggling programming framework. Rather, the entire thing is decentralized, and is controlled by an organization of PCs.

Note that you cannot utilize these tokens to pay for all that you need to purchase. Truth be told, you can utilize it to purchase just from certain merchants or stores on the web. However, it tends to be sold for customary cash or cash. In any case, an ever increasing number of organizations are starting to acknowledge Bitcoin and different cryptographic forms of money. For example, Expedia and Over-stock acknowledge it from clients. One of the primary highlights of this sort of cash is that the exchange is totally private and untraceable. That is one of the numerous reasons a great many people incline toward this computerized type of cash.

Would it be a good idea for you to Put Money in Bitcoin?

Keep in mind: before you decide to put resources into julie popp Bitcoin or some other computerized money, ensure you comprehend the dangers related with this framework. Instability is one of the significant dangers. It implies that the estimation of your cash can change fundamentally in 24 hours. Actually, the ascent or fall in the worth can be as much as 30%. Another issue is that the majority of the advanced monetary forms that can be seen today will lose their incentive inside 5 years, as per most specialists.